VIDEO: World Cup of Hockey Finals Preview

In today’s edition of Across The Pond, I give a quick update on the World Cup of Hockey as the best of three final series is about to get under way, and I say who I think will win between Canada and Europe.

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World Cup Day One Review

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The World Cup got underway last night with Group A action between Europe and USA followed by hosts Canada against the Czech Republic.

Yesterday I posted my first video blog over on YouTube where I briefly previewed the tournament and you can watch that below.

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Penguins V Capitals is more than just Crosby V Ovechkin

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When the Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals meet in Round 2 of the Stanley Cup playoffs it’ll be hard to stay away from all of the Crosby V Ovechkin hype, and rightly so. These are two elite athletes both fighting for the best trophy in all sports, Crosby’s already won it and Ovechkin is desperate and possibly in the best position of his career to go challenge for it.

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