Hello and welcome to my online blog/portfolio.

Matt Nickerson Interview

My name is Oliver Hampson, I’m a 24-year old Journalism graduate from South Wales and a lifelong Ice Hockey fan as you can tell from the majority of posts on not just this website but across my social media.

I started writing about hockey before I began my studies and have always enjoyed sharing my thoughts and opinions around the world of hockey, mainly about the NHL but also about hockey over here in the United Kingdom where we actually have hockey (shocking, I know).

My work has been featured on several websites such as www.icetime.tv where I have writen about the UK’s Elite Ice Hockey League (EIHL) and also www.hookedonhockeymagazine.com where for the last three-years I have covered the Champions Hockey League and also covered Team Sweden at the World Juniors.

If you are reading any of my work on this website and disagree with any comment I’ve made I’m always looking to engage in discussion or debate, that’s the beauty of this digital age, you’re not only reading my opinion but also being encouraged to offer yours.

I have mentioned in a post already but I will state here as well, I am a Washington Capitals fan but I try to remain as neutral as I can. Here in the UK I grew up as a Cardiff Devils fan but during my studies I taught myself to become a neutral spectator of the EIHL in order to be taken more seriously as a writer on the league.

While most of my work will centre around Ice Hockey I will occasionally dip into other sports such as NFL but also social issues surrounding topics that affect me like depression, which I already have written a piece called End of Discussion.

In 2016 I also decided to try and take up photography, so I’ll be featuring as much of that on here as I can for you all to critique. I’m new, and in no way a trained photographer so any comments would actually go a long way to helping.

I hope that you enjoy my work and I hope this reaches the right people to engage an audience and also propel me in the right direction into a career doing what I love, writing and writing about Ice Hockey.


Oliver John Hampson