My IIHF World Championships Division 1A Magazine project

Over the past two months, (possibly three in all fairness) I have been working on creating something new, and something I haven’t done since I was in university.

With the 2018 IIHF World Championships Division 1A starting today in Budapest, Hungary, I have been creating a magazine ahead of the tournament to share for anyone to read.

This idea began as a money making scheme as I thought I could create some content that I could sell to recover mostly the cost of purchasing the necessary software I’ve had to use for this, but also just to line my pockets a little bit.

What it turned out to be is a completely free of charge publication that I am using to not only add to my outdated portfolio, but also to gauge interest to see if any hockey fan, hockey team or other sort of media outlet would be interested in collaborating with me in the future to create more of these magazines, should this one be received well.

So I won’t go on any further, you can see the magazine for yourself now by clicking the link below to find the online PDF of what I’ve been working on for the last little while.

I hope you like it.


Many thanks,

Oliver Hampson

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Analysing my NHL Bracket Challenge

Hey, two posts in two days, I’m doing good at this (for now).

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So if you’re a fan of the NHL, you’ll hopefully know that the Stanley Cup Playoffs started last night, 15 teams (and the Philadelphia Flyers who looked as though they thought they were playing a pre-season game last night) are fighting it out to get their name scratched onto the cup, something which to the Pittsburgh Penguins is probably getting old already.

Every year I mean to do a bracket going into the playoffs, but I never do because I’d never be dumb enough to share the results and suffer the consequences of people constantly telling me how wrong I am. I already know it’s wrong, I don’t need reminding.

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Simulating the NHL Draft Lottery 100 times

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With the NHL Draft Lottery taking place later this month, people with a much better grasp of maths than myself can tell you all about probability and predict the outcome of the lottery, at least I think they can.

I’m not that intelligent so instead, I’ve decided to use an online simulator to predict the outcome of the lottery, but instead of just doing it once, I decided to do it 100 times.

For anybody who doesn’t know what I’m on about already, save yourself a few minutes because this is post is not for you. I’m not sure it’s for anybody to be honest.

I can’t say any of the results are surprising because it is just 100 simulations using the same 15 teams (it’s not like the Vegas Golden Knights just randomly appear in one of the results).

But now let’s have a look at who, according to the simulator I did on a quietish day in work, has the best shot at landing Rasmus Dahlin with the first pick.

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