My World Junior Diary – Day 05 – Niagara Falls

I couldn’t be bothered to think of a witty title.

Day five started early, I was up at around 7am to shower and quickly head down to the market garden in my hotel to grab a quick bite to eat before my coach picked me up for my day trip.

It wasn’t a coach, so I was confused when a guy in what looked like a van was calling me over, I’m pretty sure my mum warned me about situations like these when I was younger.

But because I never listen to my mum I got in the van, and it turned out to be my “coach” a 13 seat mini bus.

When I got on the bus there was a Russian couple, probably over for the same reason I am, then we stopped to pick up a Chinese family, an American family from Florida from the Trump Tower (because obviously they’d stay there) and then two men from Switzerland and another single passenger.

I decided I’d be sociable so I didn’t put my headphones in, but after five minutes of nobody even talking in their groups I just thought I’d listen to music on the 128km drive to Niagara Falls.

This wasn’t even on my agenda when I first booked the trip, the only reason why I booked it was I had a tax rebate because naturally I assumed there would be a heavy price tag on this trip.

$75 was a lot less than I expected.

So the drive was bumpy, luckily my music drowned out all of the snoring and eventually we arrived at a little before 10am.

Everyone was looking out of the window at the falls as we got closer but I thought I’d save it for when I was up close, so I just kept listening to my music and eventually got off the van and headed straight for the welcome centre without giving so much as a look to the falls, I needed coffee.

I got my coffee and a muffin, got my camera out of my bag and decided to finally take a look at the Niagara Falls.

nigararara-1-of-1You have to do this at least once in your life. I can only imagine what it’s like seeing this place in summer when all of the trees are in full bloom, theres more wildlife around and the place looks splendid in all of it’s natural beauty.

I doubt that would look better than what I saw.

The sky was cloudy and the entire place looked moody, but that was the perfect mood to capture the power of this natural beauty.

The air was crisp and cold, there was episodes of heavy snow followed by peace before the snow picked up again, I got to see Niagra Falls in winter, with snow covering the rocks and I honestly can’t imagine it gets any better than that.

One thing I will suggest is if you do go in winter, you won’t be able to go on the boat that takes you right up close to the Falls so do the Journey Behind the Falls. DO NOT decide “Yeah I can just go to the toilet once I’m back to the surface”. You go beneath the rock into man-made Tunnels and get to see the power of the falls as the water hammers down around you. If you need the toilet, this might go south very quickly.


Luckily because I’m made of tough stuff I stuck it out for about 30 minutes before it started to hurt and I went back up to the surface, not before I captured some images I’m still in the process of editing.

I took the time after to take a wander around and have a look around. The town around the falls is truly an awful place. The Falls are incredible, but if you want to see what Las Vegas would like like if it was run on a student budget then the town is an experience.

It’s full of tacky restaurants, awful tourism themed shops and is just proof that people have been trying to cash in on nature every since the beginning on cashing in on stuff.

I decided to grab some lunch and was treated to one of the best views of the falls whilst in the warmth of the indoors and able to have a beer and what was one of the best steaks of my life.


Eventually it was time to leave so I walked back up to the creepy van and we took off, making a couple of stops on the way to see more of the river and the rock faces that line it, and eventually we got to the town of Niagara on the Lake. This was a nice little settlement but you could tell it was tailored for people like me who are on their way back to the city from their Niagara Falls trips.

The main street was full of souvenir shops, and a pub advertising “We show Sky Sports here”. I didn’t really do much when we were here, and I didn’t do much when we stopped at a wine tasting place as I claimed “I don’t touch alcohol”. I figured I’m in a different country so I may as well get away with telling what is a blatant lie about myself.

So after the wine tasting we all packed back in the van to either go back to the drivers house or our hotels, luckily the latter.

It was nice to get out of the city for a few hours, but the travel had taken it out of me so I decided not to go down to the Air Canada Centre and grab dinner in the hotel then chill in my room and get an early night.

So after food I went to the nearest 7/11 and spent $20 on a mixture of Moutain Dew, Pepsi, Lays crisps (or chips as they call them here) and headed back to the room to watch the game between Slovakia and Latvia and relax.

I tried ketchup crisps, they were awesome.

So that was day five in the books and tomorrow I get to see Canada V USA on New Years Eve.


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