My World Junior Diary – Day 04 – Cold War Kids

So I decided to treat myself to a lie in this morning, so I didn’t get up until about 10am, have a shower and just relax for the rest of the morning.

What I did forget to do was put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door, I don’t think she really expected to walk in to a room with a guy watching sportscentre in a towel, but by her reaction she may as well have walked in on me watching a very different kind of show.

I made sure I left my hotel with my hood up just in case she saw me again.

It must have been past midday when I finally left the hotel. I bought the Toronto city pass ticket the other day so thought I’d get more use out of it. So instead of going far I thought I’d check out the aquarium before I went back to the ACC for two games.

wp-1483139438805.jpgTwenty minutes in the aquarium was enough for me, I’m sure it’s amazing but it was just far too busy for my liking so I thought I’d leave. It took me another 20 minutes to navigate my way through the crowd and out the building.

By this time it was 1:30, I still had ages until the first game so I decided to go back to my hotel to leave somethings like my camera which I can’t really take into the games and get a taxi down to the rink for the evening.

So I got down to the ACC again about an hour before faceoff and I’m glad I did.

Now I don’t know if this was just the gate I walked through or if it was normal but I went through the security scanner as normal, but then just before getting my ticket scanned I had to be checked again before entering the building.

This was either because for whatever reason my line cut through a shop or it was because of any sort of tension between fans as the first game of the day was the USA against Russia. (Get the cold war kids reference yet?)

After the first game of my trip this was the next one that I anticipated to be spectacular. Two fierce rivals with a history of disliking each other on and off the ice, this game had everything you wanted.

Hits, penalties, a penalty shot, goals and a close finish.

Clayton Keller opened the scoring, after a brilliant pass from Casey Fitzgerald, Keller rounded the Russian goalie Ilya Samsanov and put USA ahead.

Russia would tie the game up in the first through Kirill Urakov, but a two gaol second period from the States put them ahead and the Russians could only claw one back late in the second from Kirill Kaprizov.

Tage Thompson did have a chance to put the game out of reach in the 58th minute but couldn’t get the shot off on his penalty shot, but USA held firm and took their third win of the tournament.

After game one I decided to try and grab food but it seemed as though everyone else had the same idea, sitting down to eat wasn’t an option.

Instead I bought a  $5 hot dog from a man with no teeth and that was me satisfied. So I ate the hot dog, walked around what is apparently called “the block” and right back to the Air Canada Centre to watch the hosts take on Latvia.

I knew this was a going to be a boring, onesided game but I had a ticket so I may as well go anyway.

I’m glad I did, the game was a bit boring, Taylor Raddysh scored four goals in a 10 – 2 blowout but what made the game more fun was the guys sat next to me.

In all of the Canada games I’ve had people sat next to me and there’s been a bit of small talk, it’s been pleasant but nothing special.

Tonight I was sat next to Trevor, Dylan (who is probably his son) and Phil, who I thought was Trevors dad but he didn’t talk to him like he was so he may have just been a friend.

Anyway, these guys were really nice and friendly and it was fun to talk hockey with them. We spoke about the world juniors of the previous years, the Toronto Maple Leafs and also Dylan as a hockey player.

So the game was boring and expected blowout win, but it was fun hanging out with those guys.

Afterwards I walked back to the hotel and decided to grab a beer in the hotel bar before heading up to bed, early start and a long day trip tomorrow.


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