Clarence S. Campbell Trophy – San Jose’s road to the finals

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With a new coach in Peter Deboer, the San Jose Sharks bounced back from missing the playoffs last year, putting up a 46-30-6 record and have now gone on to even better things in the post-season.

When the Stanley Cup Playoffs began back on April 13th, there were 16 teams all competing for the ultimate prize, the Stanley Cup. Now with more and more teams getting eliminated, we finally know who the first team to make the finals is, and for the first time in their history the San Jose Sharks will have the chance to hoist the cup.

The Sharks will take on either the Pittsburgh Penguins or Tampa Bay Lightning in the final, those two teams play their game 7 tonight after Pittsburgh tied the series up at 3 thanks to a big 5 – 2 win two nights ago.

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2016 NHL Mock Draft – Full first round

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While there are only four teams left in the NHL playing hockey, the rest are playing golf, I’m going to look at which team is picking where in next month’s draft and tell you who they’re going to pick with almost everything that follows the top three selections being highly inaccurate.

For arguments sake I’ll list the bottom four teams (St. Louis, San Jose, Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay) in order of how they finished in the regular season standings, the team with the lowest points of the four will get back 27 for example and the highest will get pick 30.

I released a mock draft of the first 14 selections after the NHL Draft Lottery a few weeks back so you can check that out as well to see how much my selections have changed.

Here we go, the Toronto Maple Leafs are on the clock.

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2016 NHL Mock Draft – Picks 1 – 14

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After the 2016 NHL Draft Lottery came to a conclusion with a rare win for the Toronto Maple Leafs, the first 14 teams to select in the 2016 NHL Entry Draft are confirmed so it’s time to start looking at who’s picking who.

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Winning the draft lottery won’t speed up the Leafs rebuild

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Last night the Toronto Maple Leafs won the 2016 NHL Draft Lottery, effectively sealing Auston Matthews fate as the consensus number one selection.

Barring a brilliant late surge from Finnish winger Patrik Laine, Matthews will be a Maple Leaf come June’s draft, that’s not to mention the other first round pick the Leafs got through the Phil Kessel trade that will see them pick somewhere late in the first round, where they could pick up a guy like Swedish forward Rasmus Asplund or even another centre in Brett Howden.

But let’s not get too caught up in all the hype, yes Matthews is an absolutely phenomenal talent and the second centre in two drafts to have the “generational” label, much like Connor McDavid he’ll be a great cornerstone of a franchise for many years to come, but let’s not confuse that with him being an immediate saviour.

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