Patrik Laine – Auston Matthews’ biggest contender

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If you haven’t heard of Auston Matthews then you probably haven’t really followed Ice Hockey properly for the last year, or you just have very little interest (which is why you’ll have closed the web browser before finishing this paragraph.)

Matthews is the consensus number one pick in the 2016 NHL Entry Draft in Buffalo this summer, the 18-year old from Arizona took the unusual route of spending his draft year playing professional hockey rather than US or Canadian Junior, joining ZSC Lions where he registered 46 points in 36 regular season games for the Swiss side, proving his incredible abilities against men already.

So there’s been a lot return about this American centre who’ll likely be wearing an NHL sweater next season for whoever wins the draft lottery, but let’s get to know one of his closest competitors to be the number one selection on June 24th.

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Penguins V Capitals is more than just Crosby V Ovechkin

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When the Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals meet in Round 2 of the Stanley Cup playoffs it’ll be hard to stay away from all of the Crosby V Ovechkin hype, and rightly so. These are two elite athletes both fighting for the best trophy in all sports, Crosby’s already won it and Ovechkin is desperate and possibly in the best position of his career to go challenge for it.

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The NHL was right to suspend Andrew Shaw

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Yesterday the NHL made positive steps towards battling discrimination in the sport by suspending Chicago Blackhawks forward Andrew Shaw and fining him for using a homophobic slur in the Hawks game four loss against the St Louis Blues.

Shaw was unhappy with a call and was seen calling one of the officials a “faggot” from the penalty box which issued a one game suspension and a $5,000 fine.

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My 2015-16 Stanley Cup Playoff predicition

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Since deciding to restart my writing and set up my blog again, I was going to wait until the NHL Draft to do loads of opinion and analysis as hopefully the Edmonton Oilers lose the draft lottery and don’t get a chance at picking Auston Matthews first overall (If they do then expect a piece on the draft lottery) but with the NHL playoffs starting last night I thought I’d turn my attentions to the post-season and look at who I think will win the playoffs.

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